So Zin dressed up as girls for their Tokyo instore…. This shouldn’t be allowed…. !(◎_◎;)
Riku was absolutely perfect even down to his adorable shoes; Yoshi just looked naturally beautiful and was walking round bare foot and in a long flowy skirt like a hippy; Orochi was sexy even though that wasn’t his intention I don’t think, and his wig was gorgeous; I honestly didn’t recognise Luy at first as he cleans up well! And he didn’t have his piercings in so it was like his lips were a completely different shape XD; And well Saku…. Saku-chan is such a special little flower, and so shy! He was really cute. 以上。

Just gonna leave this here while I go and calm down….. may take me a few years.

TaNa’s new look

Announcements from Gekijo Tenor and an updated OHP

New single “Snow White”
Release date: 14th May 2014

Full Album “Purezza”
Release date: 13th August 2014

Acoustic Album “#1”
Release date: 13th August 2014
(Two albums, simultaneous release!)

Two-part one-man live tour “11 dwarves and the deceitful fruit”
[Part one: Premium Live][Part two: Free entry!!]

Gekijo Tenor new look!

Femme Fatale

Vo. Kaya

Gu. TaNa

Gu. Iori

Ba. Toshi

Dr. Chargeeeeee

Blitz new look

Kamiki Mihal